sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

Yes, this is an update

Being half drunk at 1433 in a friday afternoon is kinda lame I know, and apparently I can only update while intoxicated (probably 'cause I feel stupid sharing my thoughts while I'm not high on some substance or another). Today's choice was alcool, not my favorite drug, but hey, it's widelly available and it's legal to use on lunchbreak.
I've been meaning to update this for ages. Most of my readers are probably gone by now, as I haven't posted anything in ages. "Not much to tell probably", one might think, but the truth is that there is a lot to tell. A lot has happened since the temple collapsed, and the witness is far from gone from this world. I've been watching, breathing, living. At first I thought I had nothing to share. When I realised that I actually had something to share, that something was a truckload of stuff that happened and I figured I'd never be able to put it all down. I still think I can't, but I must give it a try.

This little blog has been a very important part of my life for years now, and I'm returning now because I have an obligation to myself and to it to bring it back to life. I designed a new and more functional layout, one that I actually like (let's face it, the default black theme from whenever this was created is outdated, boring and needs a serious revamp). It is almost finished, completly done by myself using only notepad and code written in several languages related to the web. The new layout will be available in late september, and the site will be moved to a different server. I can't share the link yet, but will as soon as the new Grove goes online. Besides the new layout, you can expect a new set of features that this one doesn't have. I've integrated into the new site a feed service, allowing my readers to sign-up to receive updates as soon as I publish them. As I said before, hopefully the new Grove will be available in late September, a little gift from me to myself and to all those who still bother opening this waiting for me to open my soul to the world.

Well, tech stuff out of the way, I'll just make a (hopefully) short list of the major events that happened since the last serious post (that dates back to 2008. Been a long time...):

- I'm now a proud father of a wonderfull boy named Rui.

- I stopped being stupid, left FLUL, recognised that I have no interest in the deep studies of language and literature, and finally dedicated myself to computer science. I'm now a certified network-specialist with a broad range of skills in the area.

- I stopped being a jackass wanna-be-playboy and finally openned my eyes to the truth that I love my girlfriend and that her happiness is an important part of my well-being.

- I decided to go back to competitive play. Really soon I'm joining the Magic the Gathering tournments, with a new spark in my eyes and the old wicked habit of messing my adversaries minds and beating them to a bloody pulp (figurativelly speaking of course).

- I've been away from lisbon for almost two years now, studying and working near my home village.

- I've walked out of every form of social network. So if your old link to my hi5 or vampirefreaks or myspace page isn't working, here's why. I canceled all my accounts, or at least all whose existance I'm aware off. I just have no patience for it anymore. After five years of comunicating to everyone I know through the computer, I've grown really tired of it. It lacks a lot of what I really need in a human interaction, and instead of fullfilling my need for a social life it has made me just growl in anger anytime that stupid msn window starts blinking. While I keep that active, it is only rarelly used, and only to contact my family.

- I've almost quited drinking (I've had three glasses of Licor Beirão with coffee and I really felt it hit me, just so you know how much stamina I've lost.) This from the guy that used to drink a bottle of vodka before going out on friday nights... well, people change I guess, or so I like to believe.

- The last change, and probably the most important one has to remain a secret, for while I doubt she'll come here, I don't want my girlfriend to find it out through here. (Maybe she'll get a special area in my upcoming website. Wanna vote? I'll leave this one to you guys and girls.)

So, this is it I guess. Just a minor update. I promise to keep posting on a more regular basis. At the very least I'll do 1 post per week. At most... I don't know. Check back if you care to. Happy readings!

P.S.: Opening the first voting pool. Coment on this post if you want my new layout to include a special "I love you" section dedicated to my girlfriend. Also, any sugestions for the new site will be carefully considered and possibly implemented if I think they'll become popular.


"We can still help each other, even if we're apart. And whether or not
I needed it, I received their support. So I'll return the favor in my own way.
I have to carve out my path to change the situation." by Squall in Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Apneatique disse...

"- The last change, and probably the most important one has to remain a secret, for while I doubt she'll come here, I don't want my girlfriend to find it out through here. (Maybe she'll get a special area in my upcoming website. Wanna vote? I'll leave this one to you guys and girls.)"

Isto era sobre aquilo de África não é?

ps. duvido que alguém queira uma área especial sobre mim >.>

JCarvalho disse...

Não, não era.

Ju disse...

Fico feliz por estares bem..
É bom ver-te por cá novamente. :)

Esperarei p'las novidades.. :p


Myrtha disse...

Sim, eu concordo porque sabendo o que és e quem és percebo qual o interesse e o sentido. Mas ( para variar) vou dar uma opinião: porque não criares algo como "espaço da família" ou então algo dedicado à criança? É que se eu fosse ela ficava com ciumes e quando crescesse estavas lixado comigo! Que achas?